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Eat The City: Hamilton and Helmcken - continued

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Yaletown hotspots to appease that growling monster of a stomach

Salsa & Agave's Soft TacosSalsa & Agave

1223 Pacific Blvd., 604-408-4228

Simple and friendly, this bustling little Mexican spot (actually two spots, one sit-down, one take-out) is perfect for lunch. The secret is the freshness—just-made tacos, just-diced onion, the guacamole’s just-ripe-enough avocado and tomato.

Most ordered
Chicken enchiladas.

Chef’s pick
Pozole (a soup of chicken stock, corn, pork, and seasonings.

My favourite
I usually go for the soft tacos, especially  the carnitas and the beef tongue, with either a Corona or a glass of horchata, that refreshing Mexican beverage made from milk, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon.

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