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Wine Pick of the Week

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July 24, 2014

It’s 178 hours until the long weekend (calculating from when this edition of The Fix hits the ether on Thursday afternoon), and that means there’s still time to pick up these expressive Okanagan sparkling wines and raise a toast to our great province. Both are made just like champagne: one is gorgeously bristling, with brain-rinsing acidity, wild berries, and vinosity; the other sings with fruit, toast, and citrus.






B.C. +9159*

*Available at private wine stores

The excellently named and crown-capped Bub is a pure expression of Haywire’s “place, not grape” manifesto for the New Okanagan. This is a courageously transparent wine that dares to proclaim the virtues of delicacy, lightness, and precision. A hand-riddled méthode champenoise blend of chardonnay and pinot noir, its yeasty complexity harmonizes seamlessly with the subtle native aromas of clover, honey, and green apple. Fresh and clean from start to finish, and a lovely articulation of the less-is-more winemaking philosophy. Really fun to drink—a delightful outcome from a winery so committed to establishing the seriousness of the Okanagan. Profoundly invigorating on its own, but a grilled Spot Prawn (or twelve) would be perfection. 







Road 13 Sparkling Chenin Blanc 2010



B.C. +820696*

 *Available at private wine stores

Produced from venerable old vines planted in 1968, Road 13’s Sparkling Chenin is a true B.C. classic, which at once affirms the pedigree of the renowned Golden Mile district and validates sparkling as a natural style for Okanagan wine. Crisp and vibrant, it bursts with orchard fruit: flavours of apple, peach, and pear combine with bracing acidity and toasty lees in a supremely satisfying way. Perfect for a summer evening in the garden. 







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