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Wine Picks of the Week - continued

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January 22nd, 2015

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!" So wrote Robbie Burns in his immortal 18th-century poem, "Address to a Haggis." And it is indeed time to eat haggis again (or perhaps for the first time) and to toast the man himself on Robbie Burns Day (this Sunday, Jan. 25) . While doing so, consider local wines to accompany this king of the sausage family. A mix of sheep parts and oatmeal seasoned liberally with black pepper, haggis tastes savoury and nutty—far more scrumptious than you might think. If you prefer a less ornate sausage, consider some grilled bangers with your "neeps and tatties" (a traditional Scottish accompaniment of mashed turnips and potatoes).



Thornhaven Estates Gewürztraminer 2013


B.C. +731661


Gewürztraminer is an exotic grape with a striking spectrum of aromas and flavours. One of the best local gewürztraminers comes from Thornhaven Winery, high on the slopes of Giant's Head Mountain near Summerland. The 2013 shows captivating aromas of rose petal, lychee fruit, and honey, plus a touch of sausage scent that marks the exceptionally ripe Alsatian grand cru examples of this grape. (Sounds odd, but it's really true!) The palate is richly textured and mouth-filling, bursting with luscious flavours of orange peel, peaches, and spice. Off-dry, but with a vibrant citrus finish that can cut the richness of haggis (or any sausage). A gorgeously glazed baked ham is also a worthy partner.








Haywire Gamay Noir 2012


B.C. +418061*

*available in private wine stores 


Fresh, understated, and as pure as it gets, Haywire's gamay embodies parent winery Okanagan Crush Pad's dedication to making wines of place, not grape. Secrest Mountain Vineyard—a hidden bench of decomposed granite below Macintyre Bluff—is the place, and cool-fermenting the wine in concrete keeps the focus locked on that terroir's expression. The essence of this wine is leafy, juicy, peppery lightness, but you'll also find plenty of jubilant cherry fruit, wrapped in dusty minerals and lit up with acidity. It's a revelation of a light red wine, triumphantly proclaiming the paradoxical truth of the new Okanagan: less is more. And yes, it will be a fine match with the "Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!"








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