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Wine Pick of the Week - continued

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October 9, 2014

Here are some winning wines that will make you look good at Thanksgiving dinner. Don't worry—the meal needn't be a pairing feast. Turkey is the simple part; its light flavour matches white, pink, and red with ease. Classic side dishes, however, present challenges with their diverse flavours: bitter Brussels sprouts; sweet/tangy cranberry sauce; sugar-baked squash or yams; crunchy roast potatoes; and rich, savoury gravy. It's hard for one wine to do it all, so I suggest a few different ones that will complement Thanksgiving's fanfare of tastes. Place them on the table and let family and friends try several combinations. (I haven't included vintages here. Whichever ones you find will work beautifully.)  

Church & State Trebella 2012





Church & State Trebella Church & State Trebella


B.C +34017*

A savoury dry white with peachy botanical flavours.

*Available at private wine stores






hornhaven Estates Winery Gewurztraminer 2012





Thornhaven Gewürztraminer


B.C +468850*

Off-dry and rich, to match the sweeter side dishes.

*Available at private wine stores







Clos du Soleil Winery Rosé 2012





Clos du Soleil Rosé


B.C +812693*

A structured, dry pink with firmness from cabernet sauvignon.

*Available in private wine stores 







Mission Hill Family Estate Perpetua 2010





Mission Hill Perpetua


B.C +28894*

An elegant, succulent, gorgeously oaked chardonnay.

*Available at private wine stores 







Lapierre Morgon 2012





Lapierre Morgon


France +141366

A light and juicy red with plump fruit. This may be the best single choice







Thorn-Clarke Shotfire Quartage





Thorn-Clarke Shotfire Quartage


Australia +94433

A rich red with forward fruit, supple tannins, and fresh acidity.







Innocent Bystander Moscato 2012





Innocent Bystander Moscato


Austalia +861723

Versatile fizz for an aperitif, or with fruit pie or cobbler.







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