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January, 2013

Hot New Finds for 2013

Shopgirl is back with the skinny on what's newest and neatest for 2013

By published Jan 30, 2013

Dark Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

Local pastry chef and chocolatier Wendy Boys shares her step-by-step recipe for dark chocolate soufflé

By published Jan 18, 2013

A Look at Art Spiegelman

Art Spiegelman: CO-MIX is a massive and worthwhile retrospective for the man largely credited with galvanizing the graphic novel form. Feb. 16-June 9, Vancouver Art Gallery

By published Jan 18, 2013

Best of Dine Out Vancouver 2013

We recommend five restaurants worth seeking out for the annual food and drink festival

published Jan 16, 2013

Vancouver's Vanguard of Rooftop Farming

Gastown locavores rejoice as a vertical farm takes root in the most unlikely of places

By published Jan 15, 2013

The Transition of Kai Nagata

Disenchanted by traditional broadcast, CTV bureau chief Kai Nagata quit his job to turn a blind motorcycle daredevil into an internet star

By published Jan 7, 2013

Blazing the Trail to West Elm Market

We mosey into South Granville's newest general store and emerge with some fabulous loot

By published Jan 7, 2013

The Education of Jeffrey Moore

The 15-year battle for a North Vancouver boy's right to a public education

By published Jan 3, 2013

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas from Vancouver's Fred Lee

Vancouver’s ‘Man About Town’ Fred Lee Shares a Slice of his Lifestyle and His Top Five Holiday Gift Picks from Caya. —Special Advertising Section

published Jan 2, 2013

2012's Most Unforgettable Dining Experiences

Ten food obsessives recall their most remarkable mealtimes of the past year

published Jan 2, 2013

The Trials of the Greater Vancouver Zoo

Activists worry and regulators watch while the question persists: do we have the skills (and the right) to cage wild animals?

By published Jan 2, 2013

Best Bargain Wines of 2013

Stock up! These are our judges’ “buy-a-case” recommendations

published Jan 1, 2013

Wine Awards 2013: Best of Show

The top wine at this year's awards is the Devil's Lair Margaret River Chardonnay 2009, a Rich White from the marine-influenced river region of Western Australia--and a standard-bearer for this year's upswing in Chardonnay

published Jan 1, 2013

Best Red Wines of 2013

No matter your speed -- bright, juicy lights; smooth mids with modest tannins; or rich, full-bodied, bolds -- there's a red out there for you

published Jan 1, 2013

Vancouver Magazine Wine Awards 2013

After three days of swirling, sniffing, and sipping over 650 entries the expert judges of our 9th annual Vancouver Magazine Wine Awards have chosen the top 106 best-value wines. Click a bottle below for category results and top winners

By published Jan 1, 2013

Best Dessert Wines of 2013

When pairing, make sure that dessert is as sweet as the wine—unless it’s cheese. With any of these icewines serve lemon meringue tart, rich poundcake with citrus glaze, or aged blue cheese and nut brittle

published Jan 1, 2013

Best Fortified Wines of 2013

Classics work best here: try the sherry with salty nuts and Spanish ham, the tawny with butter tarts, and dark-chocolate truffles with the Framboise

published Jan 1, 2013

Best Rosé Wines of 2013

Combining the structure of red and refreshment of white, rosé wines are not just seasonal sippers—drink year round with steamed mussels, Niçoise salad, or spicy fish tacos

published Jan 1, 2013

Best Sparkling Wines of 2013

Not just for celebrations, bubbles make terrific food partners. Typically dry, fresh, and cleansing, they work well with eggs Benedict, pulled pork buns, or shrimp and chorizo skewers

published Jan 1, 2013

Best White Wines of 2013

From light and fruity to rich and assertive, our best-value white wines have something for everyone

published Jan 1, 2013

Indoor Sex Work—Is It Safer For Everyone?

Prostitution has moved indoors, which means safety for sex workers and privacy for clients. But what does that mean to your neighbourhood?

By published Jan 1, 2013

A Fully Funded Divorce

Ten years ago, our plucky (some say morally bankrupt) author sold his wedding to the highest bidder. Local businesses sponsored a $32,000 celebration. Now he's decided to sell his divorce, too

By published Jan 1, 2013

Editor's Note: January/February 2013

Spoilt for Choice

By published Jan 1, 2013

Q&A with Lee Malleau

The CEO of the Vancouver Economic Commission on the city's burgeoning tech industry, and on ensuring prosperity for all companies that call Vancouver home

By published Jan 1, 2013