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Spring Style in Full Bloom

With crisp scents and bright prints, Shopgirl is more than ready for the weather to heat up

By published Mar 15, 2013

Hot New Finds for 2013

Shopgirl is back with the skinny on what's newest and neatest for 2013

By published Jan 30, 2013

Blazing the Trail to West Elm Market

We mosey into South Granville's newest general store and emerge with some fabulous loot

By published Jan 7, 2013

Kids' Wear Best Buys 2012

Whether you're still in summer mode or covertly stocking up on gear for back to you-know-where, these fantastic designs are a must-see

By published Aug 14, 2012

Analogue Cameras by Lomography

Every gadget in your pocket can take a photo these days, but more and more people are realizing that digital is just not the same—or as hip—as good old 35mm film.

By published Jun 19, 2012