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Timothy Taylor

Some Minor Adjustments

Chambar has moved to larger digs and expanded the scope of its menu. But the perennially popular Crosstown restaurant understands that if it ain’t broke…

By published Dec 15, 2014

You Will Never Win

Vancouver is a mecca for gaming research, says newly landed chanceologist Luke Clark, who has made a career studying our poor decisions

By published Dec 15, 2014

The French Revolution

Classic Gallic fare is given a radical—and delicious—overhaul at the West End’s Left Bank.

By published Nov 3, 2014

Have a Cow (or Don’t)

Authentic wagyu beef is the marquee feature at Shirakawa, but this chic Japanese hideaway has other delicious attractions

By published Sep 1, 2014

Casual Fine Dining Wars

What makes chains like Earls, Cactus Club, and Joey, those uniquely Vancouver dining concepts, thrive?

By published Nov 1, 2011