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Michael Harris

Architecture: Surrey's Public Library

The latest step in Surrey’s dramatic evolution: a reinvention of that most taken-for-granted amenity, the public library

By published Dec 1, 2011

The City that Erickson Built

The late Arthur Erickson was Vancouver’s most influential architect, and his buildings, played out in glass and concrete, define the cityscape. Take a tour of his visionary work

By published Dec 1, 2010

Financing Heritage Renovations

Restoring heritage buildings is all well and good -- until the bill comes in. A City program seeks to protect gems through the smart application of density and development

By published Apr 1, 2014

On Stage: Helen Lawrence

With the help of TV veteran Chris Haddock, Stan Douglas brings post-war Vancouver to life in Helen Lawrence

By published Mar 1, 2014

String Theory

Speaking through marionettes and masks permits an enviable freedom

By published Nov 25, 2013