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Michael Harris

Paper Chaste

Trinity Western will allow gay students into its coming law school -- if they promise to abstain from sex. Is that a reasonable exchange?

By published Sep 29, 2014

Architecture: Surrey's Public Library

The latest step in Surrey’s dramatic evolution: a reinvention of that most taken-for-granted amenity, the public library

By published Dec 1, 2011

The City that Erickson Built

The late Arthur Erickson was Vancouver’s most influential architect, and his buildings, played out in glass and concrete, define the cityscape. Take a tour of his visionary work

By published Dec 1, 2010

Railtown: On Track to Gentrify?

A burgeoning neighbourhood in a former portside no man’s land pulses with urban hipsters who leave no pants colour to chance

By published Jun 19, 2014

Vancouver’s Film Industry Takes A Turn Online

While they await a call from the majors, Vancouver film crews, actors, and writers are creating webisodes that add up to an ad hoc industry

By published May 1, 2014