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Kirin Restaurant

Chinese | Coquitlam | New Westminster | Richmond | South Cambie | West End

If you ask what kind of food they serve, the Kirin team will tell you it's Vancouver cuisine, not Chinese. This simple notion informs every aspect...

La Terrazza

Italian | Yaletown

A big, busy, mainstream Italian room that draws tourists and all manner of locals adept at tossing Porsche keys to the valet. Inside, a comfortable, well-appointed...

Spotted Bear Bistro

Contemporary West Coast | Vancouver Island

Snuggled between the resort town's laidback beach barbecues and luxury dining rooms, this casual-upscale restaurant has created a cozy niche. With wooden slats on the windows...

Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca

Italian | Yaletown

Consistency is underrated in our fad-happy age. This Yaletown room has been the gold standard for more than 10 years. Chef Pino Posteraro runs it with...


Italian | West End