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Greater Vancouver


Vancouver Whitecaps

May 5, 2010

Round one of tickets for their first MLS season (2011) has sold out. Meanwhile, the Whitecaps host Montreal (May 5 and 15), Baltimore (May 8), Toronto (May 19), and Rochester (May 22).


Peel back Whistler's winter wonderland façade to discover its many layers

By published Jan 1, 2010

Something's Happening Here

May 12, 2009
Vancouver-based artist Jeremy Shaw has been blanketing the city’s streets with archival images from the Expo 86 fair, and will continue for the next year, completing his gargantuan, city-wide installation project on March 15, 2010. The Olympic Games are an obvious impetus for Shaw’s work, which aims to remind us of the last time Vancouver invited the world over. But the poster project also serves as an elongated meditation on nostalgia, civic pride, and the marketing of local culture. Curated by Reid Shier of Presentation House Gallery.

Best Adreneline Rush

The most extreme ways to experience Vancouver

published Jan 1, 2009

Suite Dreams

Suite Dreams is the fine home furnishings store with golden-age customer service. Put the kids in the camera-monitored play area and stroll the 25,000-square-foot showroom with a cup of coffee in hand. In-house staining means staff can match or create a custom finish on any of their wood pieces.