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South Cambie


Japanese | South Cambie

For when you don't need gourmet, but just a good bowl of ramen, Menya is the answer. This small restaurant feels like little patch of Tokyo,...


Japanese | South Cambie | West End

Overlooking Robson Street's hustle and bustle, the patrons of the downtown location are a curious mix of adventurous tourists and Louis Vuitton-toting, besequined Asian cool kids....

Shaolin Noodle House

Chinese | South Cambie

This bare-bones spot has recovered from a recent fire and reopened to serve superior Northern Chinese noodles. Addictive "cutting noodles," sliced off mounds of dough, are...

Red Start Seafood Restaurant

Chinese | Richmond | South Cambie

Among the high-end Cantonese restaurants, Red Star has a secret weapon: spectacular in-house-roasted meats. Despite rather soggy pancake wraps, the crisply lacquered Peking duck, followed by...

Peaceful Restaurant

Chinese | South Cambie

Authentic cooking, hole-in-the-wall funkiness, and attentive service make their mark here. The menu is extensive but easy to navigate, with an emphasis on Northern Chinese sweetness...