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West End

Book Kyung Ban Jeom

Korean | West End

Expanded to include a karaoke room, this otherwise tiny restaurant boasts some of the best Korean-Chinese food in the downtown core. The hearty ja jang-myun (noodles...


Italian | West End



Assorted | West End

Most of the sandwiches on the hastily scrawled chalkboard menu are named after Simpsons characters (for reasons unknown) and cheekily described, but Piknik needn't go to...

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

Tibetan | West End

Empty seats during dinner hour are often in short supply at this popular new addition to Davie Village. Named after elite Nepali soldiers in the British...

Cardero Bottega

Mini Review

Cardero Bottega

It's the perfect turnaround story: a much-loved Italian deli in a West End character house gets purchased by a local who gives it a cheery makeover. You'll still find pantry staples-dried pastas, parmigiano reggiano, Island-made Monkey Butter, and Earnest Ice Cream-but the reno (including a hand-laid penny floor) has made room for a handful of seats, perfect for enjoying the afternoon sun over an espresso and panini with prosciutto, brie, pear, and lemon mayo pesto ($8).