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Protecting B.C.'s Orca Whales

The waters off Vancouver Island are becoming a marine highway, and B.C.’s orca whales are in danger

By published Oct 3, 2012

Behind Sam Sullivan's Urban Agenda

As mayor, Sam Sullivan made density the agenda at City Hall. Today he’s more committed than ever to shaping Vancouver’s future

By published Jun 14, 2012

Is the World's Greenest Building in Vancouver?

How UBC's new Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability could change the world.

By published Feb 1, 2012

Vancouver's Living Walls

Local design firm Green Over Grey is transforming the city's concrete surfaces into thriving, soil-free gardens, one building at time

By published Sep 1, 2011

60 Million Honeybees

Swarms of honeybees, who call the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel home, have Vancouver's downtown core abuzz

By published Sep 1, 2011

Sturgeon and the Fraser River's Conservation

The monster fish that inhabit the Fraser are more than just the last wild stock of Pacific sturgeon in the world they’re a barometer of the health of the river

By published Jul 1, 2010

Dead Wood: What is Killing North Shore Forests

Over nearly two decades, in a grove of old-growth forest on the North Shore, UBC's Lori Daniels has witnessed a doubling of the mortality rate of our trees

By published Jun 1, 2010

Mark Jaccard Talks Climate Change

SFU economist and climate change expert Mark Jaccard on Earth Hour, energy-efficient light bulbs, and our capacity for self-delusion

By published Mar 1, 2010