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Urban Fix

B.C. Youth's Mental Health

The kids aren’t alright, but the champion for B.C.’s youth mental health has a plan

By published Mar 1, 2015

The Invisible City

For every boulevard of luxe boutiques, there are a hundred retail strips that never improve. Here’s why:

By published Jan 1, 2015

The End of The Portland Hotel Society

Which transgression finally killed the Portland Hotel Society?

By published Jul 1, 2014

Chip Wilson: Life After Lululemon

Chip Wilson, the city’s most visible, brand-savvy billionaire, pauses after Lululemon to consider his next empire

By published Jun 1, 2014

Vancouver Coastal Health's Mission Critical

In the face of yet another looming disaster on the Downtown Eastside—this one of violence, addiction, and mental illness—Vancouver Coastal Health struggles to streamline

By published Jan 1, 2014

Vision Vancouver: Is The Party Over?

Frustrated pockets across town suggest Vision Vancouver may not be facing a surefire three-peat when Election Day rolls around a year from now. Meet the first challengers

By published Nov 5, 2013

Election Night Report: Vancouver-Fraserview

In which a candidate wins a riding she was meant to lose, as part of an election that never believed its own press

By published Jul 1, 2013

Where is Vancouver's Big Bookstore?

Can we really claim international standing when we can’t even support a decent destination bookstore?

By published Jun 1, 2013