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Sprawl’s Well That Ends Well

Everywhere around town, big new homes swallow everything that came before. The gap is growing. Has...


East Side Story

Starter properties reveal the latitude of Vancouver real estate.

By published Nov 17, 2014

The Greening of Riley Park

A Vancouver neighbourhood sets its short-term sights on sustainability

By published Jul 24, 2014

Marpole Revival?

Emerging signs of life in once-downtrodden Marpole come clad in copper, heavy with cranes

By published Jul 24, 2014

Green Walls: Growing Up

Architects already meadow out roofs to mellow out homeowners. The logical next step: fuzzing up walls

By published Jul 22, 2014

Earthquake Insurance: Boon or Bane?

After the big one, earthquake insurance will separate haves from have-nots. Yet half of homeowners decline coverage

By published Jul 17, 2014

Personal Space: Frank and Liz Malinka

Get inside the art-loving, modern home of local financial bankers Frank and Liz Malinka

By published Nov 25, 2013

Exile On Main Street: Will Lin On Rize

The revamp of Broadway/Kingsway/Main is a fight over the meaning of density, something Will Lin wants to raise dramatically

By published Oct 1, 2013

Emily Carr University's Big Move

With a new campus set in a new media district, Emily Carr University begins the arduous task of reinventing art school

By published Sep 3, 2013