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Sooke Harbour House

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October 1, 2013
Sooke Harbour House
1528 Whiffen Spit Rd.

Restaurants come and go, but this award-winning luxury seaside getaway continues to celebrate success with everything regional, seasonal, and wild. Arrive early and tour the edible gardens and/or wine cellar before settling in for a culinary adventure. The menu changes nightly, but expect delightful, carefully executed dishes. Tamari/pumpkin seed-glazed albacore tuna in a chilled soybean broth is served with a transparent apple and tuberous nasturtium salad. Sooke's Mon Plaisir chicken leg is stuffed with lobster mushrooms and roast garlic, served in a smoked white bean, chicken, and sage broth with long beans and Saanich bok choy. The sweet talents of pastry chef Matthias Conradi provide breads from locally grown Red Fife wheat, and wicked desserts. Wine list is sourced from a cellar exceeding 6,800 bottles.

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