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Food and Wine

Lovable Mutts

Long the ill-bred yokel of the spirits world, white dog bourbon is being reappraised as a sophisticated sip

By published Sep 29, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Iconoclasts that serve as welcome antidotes to the predictability of today’s massive wine market

By published Sep 24, 2014

Best Dessert Wines of 2015

These hedonistic sweeties can star as the dessert or match to fruit tarts, white chocolate, or citrus-custard Napoleons

By published Jan 1, 2015

Best Fortified Wines of 2015

Stick to tradition: nuts, chorizo, and olives for the oloroso; sticky toffee pudding for the tawny; bitter-chocolate lava cake for the framboise; blue cheese for the ruby

By published Jan 1, 2015

Best Rich Red Wines of 2015

Full-bore reds beg for prime rib or game. If tannins are young and firm, cook to rare or medium rare; if mature and statuesque, then choose an earthy braise

By published Jan 1, 2015

Best Medium Red Wines of 2015

Reds with a punch make flavourful partners for short ribs, lamb kofta, or baked ham

By published Jan 1, 2015

Best Light Red Wines of 2015

Usually scented and juicy with mild tannins, light reds are perfect fish wines and have the acid to cut pork belly and the umami richness of Peking duck

By published Jan 1, 2015

Best Rosé Wines of 2015

Rosés are for year-round drinking, delivering the structure of red wine with the refreshment of white. Team up with steamed shellfish, paella, fish soup

By published Jan 1, 2015

Five Wines Under $15

Excellent value wines from our 2009 Eating and Drinking Guide

published Oct 7, 2008

B.C.'s Best Beer, Cider, and Fruit Wines

10 locally made brews and spirits

By published Oct 7, 2008

Bodegas Montecillo

A fiery Spaniard makes powerful wines by sticking to her vision

By published Jul 1, 2008

The Miracle of Madiran

Wines from the Gers, an isolated part of Gascony, are just ducky

By published May 1, 2008

The Master of Wine

How Barbara Philip became a member of the international wine elite

By published Apr 1, 2008

Marta Chiavacci

How the daughter of a Coquitlam shoemaker ends up becoming Italy’s sommelier of the year

By published Mar 1, 2008

Food Trends: Custom Wine

An exclusive, brilliantly original winemaking club has taken the U-Vin concept to new heights

By published Mar 1, 2008

B.C.'s Best Pinot Noir?

How a former Edmonton GP plans to make the country's best Pinot

By published Nov 1, 2008

The $36,000 Dinner

For charity, a West Van couple breaks out the really good stuff

By published Nov 1, 2008

Straight Whisky

The enduring appeal of scotch whiskey

By published Dec 1, 2008

Food Trends: The Rise of Cheek Meat

Remember the sablefish epoch? When short ribs were all the rage? Our love affair with spot prawns? Today’s “it” meat is the previously unappreciated cheek—from halibut to veal

By published Dec 1, 2008

Izakaya Explosion

Lately, every small-plate Asian restaurant bills itself as an izakaya (that irreverent take on Japanese pub food). Here’s the real deal

published Dec 1, 2008

Best Rainy Day Refuges

Vancouver's indoor activities that aren't to be missed

published Jan 1, 2009

Best Adreneline Rush

The most extreme ways to experience Vancouver

published Jan 1, 2009

Best Sparkling Wine

Great early in the day; great with fruit, especially fresh strawberries; particularly great with Dungeness crab

published Jan 1, 2009

Best Light White Wine

These wines are perfect for the Asian/Latin flavours we enjoy on the West Coast. Think prawn curry, pad Thai, or fish tacos

By published Jan 1, 2009

Best Medium White Wines

Super-adaptable, drink-anytime whites. Think linguine vongole, mushroom risotto, chicken satay, or pizza

By published Jan 1, 2009

Best Rich White Wine

Special-occasion showstoppers: Sunday roast chicken, grilled halibut, or luxurious shellfish dishes

By published Jan 1, 2009

Big Night 2009

Top chefs paired mouthwatering dishes with winning wines for a night of bacchanalian revelry

published Dec 17, 2008

Vancouver Magazine Wine Awards 2009

Our expert panel of 14 judges spent three days sipping, swirling, and heatedly debating the merits of over 800 entries, until they finally arrived at the top 100 best-value wines

published Jan 1, 2009

Genetically Designed Wine

Scientists at UBC are using genetic engineering to create (they hope) better wines

By published Nov 1, 2007

Editor's Note, January/February 2009

Time in a Bottle

By published Jan 1, 2009

Vancouver's Best Cheap Eats

From high end to hole in the wall, we scoured the city for great food at bargain prices. Here are the winners.

published Oct 1, 2007

Six Great Wines Under $13

A bottle of Pétrus—which is mainly Merlot—goes for about $1,000. Eyes closed, could you tell it from Cono Sur Merlot?

By published Feb 28, 2009