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El Barrio Restaurante Latino

Latin | East Side

At this pan-Latin joint sopa Azteca is a hearty lead-in, a sizable bowl of deeply flavoured chicken and tomato broth laden with chunks of avocado, queso...


Latin |

Stuart Irving makes his return to pan-Latin fusion in this long, lean industrial space marked by exposed brick walls and Mexican wrestling posters. Belly up to...


Peruvian | South Main

Peruvian food is the ethnic cuisine of the moment, and Shelome Bouvette incorporates its confluence of flavours into her latest Latin room. Front-of-house Kumiko Umeno and...


Caribbean | Gastown

This vibrant, music-driven Caribbean restaurant is a pleasant spot on a not-so-inviting block of Carrall Street (between Hastings and Pender). Chef Cullin David serves up curries...

Baru Latino

Americas |

An expansive menu covers food from Tierra del Fuego to the Darien Gap, which means there's a lack of focus but a surplus of choices. Some...