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Old Faithful Shop

Thanksgiving Gift Guide: What to Bring to Dinner

With Thanksgiving just around the corner this weekend, invitations to Thanksgiving dinner are galore (right?). Whether attending a Thanksgiving dinner with your family, friends, or co-workers, we've compiled a list of items perfect to bring as a token of your thanks.

published Oct 12, 2014

Patio Table Makeover

It's the perfect time of year to host a sun-drenched patio dinner, but is your outdoor table up to the task?

By published Jul 18, 2012
Jul 17
2012 2:30 PM 0 Comments

Patio Table Makeover

Time to toss the vinyl tablecoth!

Sunshine at dinnertime is such a rarity in these parts - so soak it up while it lasts. But be careful not to scare your patio guests off with dollar-store melamine. To go al fresco in style, try upgrading your outdoor dining space with these beautifully rustic pieces from local decor experts.

Summer table 

Vancouver's Best New Home Stores

Over the past year or so a crush of new shops have opened. Here are our favourite home stores

By published Jul 1, 2011

Old Faithful Shop

Be forewarned: when leaving the Old Faithful Shop, you might start pining for a larder or, at the very least, glass-bottle milk delivery service. This bricks-and-mortar general store harks back to a time when packages were wrapped in twine and most things were crafted by hand—but still manages to evoke an au courant vibe (imagine if Terence Conran lived on Little House on the Prairie). From jam jars (starting at $8) to iPad attachés (by Makr, $240), all goods look like they belong in an old trading post.