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Barfly: The Last Word

Invented in the Detroit Athletic Club in the 1920s and later resurrected in Seattle, this unusual cocktail proves its staying power

By published Nov 1, 2011

Barfly: The French 75

This cocktail might sound like it should be reserved for wedding receptions and family brunches, but if you know your history, you can reckon this drink is as deadly as the weapon it's named after

By published Oct 1, 2011

Shop With A Chef: David Hawksworth

Chef David Hawksworth on Pine Mushrooms

By published Sep 1, 2011

Barfly: St-Germain Cocktail

This easy-to-make, elderflower cocktail is the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day

By published Jul 13, 2011

Chefs' Favourite Sandwich Recipes

Restaurant proprietors and chefs describe their favourite homemade sandwiches

By published Jun 1, 2011