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Financing Heritage Renovations

Restoring heritage buildings is all well and good -- until the bill comes in. A City program seeks to protect gems through the smart application of density and development

By published Apr 1, 2014

Converted Spaces: From Industrial To Residential

Vancouver's ranks are swelling, but condominium towers and cookie-cutter homes aren’t for everyone. These former industrial spaces show how conversions and renovations can help us densify without losing our connection to Vancouver's past.

By published Sep 1, 2010

Vancouver Special

Too new to knock down but too ugly to love, Vancouver Specials pose a renovation dilemma. Solution: eliminate the awkward boxiness while finding ways to keep the DNA of the original

By published Mar 1, 2009


WindowWorks provides solutions to lighting and visibility issues, from solar shades that let the view in but shield your furniture from the sun, to room-darkening devices for your home theatre.

Budding Entrepreneurs

A couple gets a great deal on a former grow-op. Countless inspections later, it turns out not to be such a deal after all.

By published Sep 1, 2006