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Visual Arts


The Boobies and Wieners Show

Oct 2, 2013
Being sophisticated is exhausting, so take this opportunity to depart from convention and giggle at some brazenly immature, crass, explicit representations of nudes. Taking cues from high-school textbook margin doodles and bathroom wall graffiti, over 80 artists present their sophomoric best.

Discover Middle Eastern Visual Art

The modern Middle Eastern image-making of the group shop Safar/ Voyage dispels cliché

By published Apr 1, 2013

Don Quixote

Feb 16, 2012

The National Ballet of Cuba performs its first Vancouver presentation. Choreographed by founder and director-general Alicia Alonso (based on the original 1869 work by Marius Petipa), 75 spectacularly trained dancers take on one of the most technically challenging ballets ever created. Producer Brent Belsher (with late ballet impresario David Y.H. Lui) has gone to great lengths to bring the rarely performed ballet—and this exquisite company—to our city.


Vancouver 2010 Collection: A Preview

Dec 8, 2011

If you believe that ephemera + time = art, you’ll feel comforted by the museumifaction of the diverse objects produced before and during the 2010 Olympics. Tickets, mascots, torches, coins—almost 2,000 artifacts pass through the museum en route to online immortality.


Michael Morris

Jan 13, 2012

A major figure in Canadian art from the ’60s (he helped build a mail-order image bank for artists that prefigures the Internet) to the present day (he won 2011’s Governor General’s Award for Visual and Media Arts), the gallery’s eponymous Morris organized a revolutionary exhibit at the UBC Fine Arts Gallery (the Belkin’s predecessor) in 1969. Today’s resuscitation, which includes 11 of his large Letter paintings among dozens of period objects, pays homage to a lifetime’s contribution to the West Coast’s visual maturation.