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The Patron Saint of Stanley Park

Dec 1, 2011

On a stormy Christmas Eve, a scruffy vagabond brings the joy of the season to Stanley Park, and shows a struggling family the strength of the human spirit. Written by local actor Hiro Kanagawa (Smallville’s Principal Kwan).

*Editors' Pick


The Hotel Bethlehem

Dec 14, 2011

Written by award-winning playwright Drew McCreadie, this raucous holiday farce stars 11 of Vancouver’s finest performers, with superb direction by Diane Brown, of Ruby Slippers Theatre. Take a break from familiar Christmas fare and find out what really happened at the inn that night.


The Christmas Carol Project

Dec 18, 2011

Edmonton-based Brass Monkey Productions returns with its musical interpretation of Dickens’ tale. After 15 years, the project is more popular than ever, featuring a diverse collection of folk, blues, Celtic, and funk tunes, all with an acoustic feel and some mean guitar playing. A blend of literature, narration, and topnotch contemporary music, talented singer-songwriters transform into Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and the gang to offer a musical performance that could be the hippest show of the season.

Must-See Live Performances

Two productions guaranteed to shock and awe Vancouver theatergoers this November

By published Nov 1, 2011

Penny Plain

Nov 17, 2011

Ronnie Burkett is arguably the world’s leading puppeteer. This Canadian iconoclast long ago outgrew the easy laughs and dirty innuendo of his early career; his work over the last decade has wrung pathos, defiance, and transcendence from the marionettes, sets, and stories he crafts in his Toronto studio. In this show, a blind shut-in stands watch over the apocalypse. She will not go out with a whimper.