It's officially mooncake season. And while these seasonal creations are a traditional treat, not all makers take the same approach: from red bean to coconut latte to minion-shaped lotus seed (seriously), the mooncakes from local bakeries and grocers are as pretty as they are tasty. Happy Mid-Autumn Fest!

beaucoup bakery mooncakesRich Won

1. Beaucoup Bakery

This Fairview bakery is offering three kinds of Mooncakes in 2022: Taro (housemade taro filling with a soft peanut centre), Coco Pandan (coconut rice pudding and pandan marzipan) and Crème Sago (vanilla sago custard with a sesame centre). You can get a pack of all three for $23, they’re available for pre-order now and pickup is September 1 to 11. 

Buttermere Patisserie mooncakes

2. Buttermere Patisserie

This is the second year chef Jamie Tung has sold mooncakes, and they look almost too good to eat. There’s an earl grey orange jade hare, an obe and taro marigold, a strawberry cream cheese plum blossom, a coconut latte hua-chuan, a sesame macadamia auspicious cloud and a durian classic Mid-Autumn mooncake. Buttermere's mooncakes are sold in packages of 6 for $68. You can pre-order now until September 6, and pickup from the 1 to 10. 

T&T minion Mooncakes

3. T&T

Okay, so they probably did not have minion-themed mooncakes in 17th century China, but hey, traditions were made to be broken. These lotus seed mooncakes are $48 for a box of three and available in-store now (they’ve also got more classic mooncake options available for the not-so-minion-obsessed).

4. Teapurin

Teapurin’s snowskin mooncakes are available in Matcha, Houjicha, Earl Grey and Vietnamese Coffee flavours, but they’re not making many— and you have to DM them on Instagram to order. These might be the toughest mooncakes to score in the city, but they’re worth it. 

Sungiven Foods mooncakes

5. Sungiven Foods

Local grocer Sungiven foods has tons of tradiaional mooncakes in store this year—think red bean, sesame, white lotus, double egg yolks and more. They’re sold in sets of 4 for $20 or 8 for $40, and available now. 

level v bakeryLevel V Bakery

6. Level V Bakery 

Attention, vegans (and the vegan-curious): this one's for you. Level V Bakery is offering red bean, matcha mung bean, taro, and ube mooncakes in sets of four for $24. You can order them online for pickup on Saturdays until September 10 at the Kingsway bakery. 

Maxim'sMaxim's Instagram.

7. Maxim's

And as much as we love the very-Instagrammable and vegan-friendly options, we can't forget the classics. Maxim's snowy, traditional and lava custard (pictured above) mooncakes are available now at all of their locations: Keefer St., Victoria Dr., Metrotown, Richmond Centre, Fraser St., Surrey Central City and Coquitlam Henderson Place.