Because not-so-basic black is the new black.

Local jewellery designer Melanie Auld works creative magic with this delicate bracelet, where black silk tassels and turquoise adorn a brass cuff plated in 14-karat gold. $170, Bracelet Invoke the Dark Arts with Mac’s new Spellbinder eyeshadow with magnetically charged black, ionized pigments in velvet hues and hexing names like Mysterious Influence, Retrograde and Cosmic Clash. $26, Mac Made with shea butter, vitamin E and mango seed butter, this sheer Black Lace Rabbit lipstick with gold shimmer is almost good enough to eat; wear it instead for a lace-like veil on your lips or over another shade for a darker effect. $32, Lipstick-queen_black-lace-rabbit-lipstick Clever mosaic-lace detailing on fall’s halter dress from Nicholas is an edgy ’70s way to bring the drama to your next cocktail party. $900, Nicholas-dress Örling and Wu just opened its second outpost in South Granville; find contemporary, eclectic homewares like these haunting giclée prints—Primavera Owl and Oliu Kisa Yellow Eyes—by Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams. $250 each, Orlingandwu