Even if your wedding is small, you can go big with the flowers. Liting Chan, creative director and co-founder of Paradise Events, shares six hot floral trends to try.

sadsDAPhoto by the GodardsThe Statement-Making Arch

“It’s exciting to see this editorial style used for intimate wedding ceremonies.”

aadaPhoto by the Godards. The Mix-and-Match

“A rustic style doesn’t have to stay at the outdoor or rustic venue. For this recent indoor wedding, we successfully merged the rustic garden vibe with the elegant touch, and even added a bit of boho with the pampas grass.”

adfadfThe Dried Detail

“Here, we mixed dried flowers with fresh roses, again combining boho and elegance into one.”

dfadfPhoto by Nikki PhotoThe Seasonal Inspo

“There is nothing more romantic than bringing the season’s colour to your wedding’s floral and decor colour scheme.”

fadgdfhfgPhoto by Nikki PhotographyThe Fresh Fruit

“We love to combine fresh fruit with muted colour scheme florals.”

cvxcvxcPhoto by Denise LinThe Cohesive Coordination

“We’ll see colours that complement the table linen in chairs, chargers, napkins and the surrounding environment, rather than just a single shade throughout.”