Modern comfort: that’s one way to describe what awaits guests at the Skidegate Inlet Retreat

Nestled in a hillside neighbourhood in downtown Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, overlooking the marina in Skidegate Inlet, is the ultimate retreat for culture-seeking, wilderness-loving adventurers who can also appreciate comfort and fine dining.

Originally opened by Haida local Robert DuDoward in 2017, Skidegate Inlet Retreat received a comprehensive renovation that embraces sanitary cleanliness standards developed in a HACCP plan, in addition to elements that contribute to a truly memorable home-away-from-home vacation experience.

“We cater to clients who want a comfortable and secluded retreat,” DuDoward says. “Our retreat is modern and sparkling clean, from the porcelain tile flooring throughout to the fully stocked kitchens, the covered and wraparound decks, the authentic Indigenous art, and the deluxe beds.”

He adds, “The HACCP analysis we undertook during the pandemic lockdown enabled us to optimize our already-strict cleaning program. Our guests can be assured that our retreat is thoroughly sanitized right down to the keyless entries, even though regulations regarding COVID-19 are being relaxed.”

Credit: Skidgate Inlet Retreat

As a Haida owned and operated business, many of Skidegate Inlet Retreat’s guests are eager to immerse themselves in Indigenous culture, as well as absorb the tranquil forests, sandy beaches, and rugged beauty of the Haida Gwaii archipelago. DuDoward is happy to create individual itineraries that include tours and quality time with local weavers, carvers, painters, and other Haida residents. “The Haida are known for sharing, and that is the basis of the vacation experience we provide,” he says.

And because DuDoward loves to cook, guests can expect amazing home cooked culinary experiences without even having to leave the retreat. “I create a range of desserts and just so happen to make a chocolate mousse that will blow your mind,” he says. “This is in addition to dishes made with locally foraged ingredients, including salmon, halibut, crab, and other seafood.” Beef and chicken dishes are also on the menu.

Credit: Skidgate Inlet Retreat

As serene as Skidegate Inlet Retreat may be, DuDoward encourages guests to view it as a base from which to customize their own charter with partners Paige and Leon, owners of Haida Gwaii Adventures.  Paige and Leon offer customized fishing charters and boating adventures, and together they have 20 years of exclusive resort fishing experience. Being out on the bountiful waters of Haida Gwaii is their happy place, catching fish is their passion!

While DuDoward is pleased with the renovated retreat, it’s obvious that the real driver of the business is an abiding passion for Haida Gwaii, where Haida have thrived for over 13,000 years. “I grew up here and am constantly captivated by the balance of natural energy and clean, fresh air,” he says. “Whether you want to enjoy our beaches, take the opportunity to go fishing, kayaking, hiking, eating good food, or spending time on the deck relaxing in a hammock or stargazing, this is a vacation you won’t forget.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming you.” 


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