township 7 viognier

Township 7 Raju Vineyard Viognier 2018

I came across this wine in a backwards sort of way, by drinking through a pile of Okanagan Viogniers to support my theory that the perfumed white from France's Rhone Valley simply doesn't translate well to B.C. And for the most part, the bottles I tried reinforced this view: the wines were nicely perfumed with notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom, but when they go in your mouth, the bottom falls out and they became a diluted, watery mess. The problem most had was that they were fearful of being too sweet, so the winemaker's either picked the grapes too early or drummed all the sweetness out of the wine in the cellar. But this wine embraced the boldness that Viognier is all about—there's a touch of oak and just a touch of sweetness, but the result is that ethereal nose actually carries through on the palate with ripe nectarine and ginger notes. A real winner for those who like bolder wines (though I'm still right about most of the other viogniers.) —Neal McLennan, food editor

BeereBeere Brewing on FacebookBeere Brewing Three Alive Citrus Saison 

It’s worth trekking over Lions Gate Bridge and back on a bike to have the mobility to crush four or five of North Vancouver’s excellent breweries in an afternoon. Among them is the appropriately named Beere Brewing (it’s the surname of the brewery’s co-founding family). Started in 2017 in Lower Lonsdale, it’s tempting to overlook Beere in favour of some of the hood’s newer arrivals, but that would be a disservice, especially when it comes to one of its newer creations. As someone who guzzled many warm juice boxes of Five Alive in my childhood, I’m pleased to report that this saison will not result in a stomach-immediately-after-recess sensation. Rather, it’s the perfect summer beer after a long workday. With flavours of lemon, lime and orange and a six percent alcohol volume, it’s tart and juicy, but full enough to really satisfy. It’s not packaged, so it won’t be available in liquor stores, but it is a current favourite of bars and restaurants around town. Or, you know, you could get that bike out of storage. —Nathan Caddell, associate editor

Corvezzo 3

Corvezzo Prosecco on the Robba Da Matti patio

I'm newly minted to the joys of a glass of prosecco on a hot summer's night. New, because in years past I would have gravitated to an icy glass of pilsner or a crisp sauvignon blanc—until the former started triggering headaches and the latter, well, I've really overdone the latter. It helps if you've got the right patio to experience said joy, and I do: Robba Da Matti's new location—the legendary former site of Adesso, Parkside and Delilah's—is magic in the making. With its trellised roof, strings of patio lights and comfy seating on a residential street, it's a patio that is as close to an Italian vacation as it gets. Pair it with friends, a bottle of this off-dry prosecco and the marinated dish of olives the server brings as soon as you're seated, and you're set for an epic summer night. —Anicka Quin, editorial director

dageraad the bright sideDageraad The Bright Side Tart Table Saison with Lemons

Because I am not sure if I can be persecuted for drinking in public after the fact, let me just cushion this anecdote with some very technical legalese. Allegedly I biked to Locarno after work the other day for a pre-sunset dip with a friend, and then allegedly cracked open a Dageraad Brewing Bright Side saison to sip on the beach while I dried off. And then I noticed a very law-enforcement-looking ATV coming our way. Allegedly I had a quick panic about the double-tragedy of receiving a ticket and having my tart and summery beer dumped into the sand, but then the ATV sped by our blanket... only to stop at the volleyball court, where the officers hopped in to join a game. Were they distracted by the opportunity to show off their sweet serves, or did they realize taking away my (alleged) drink would be cruel and unusual punishment? —Stacey McLachlan, executive editor

Sunday in August - Cab MerlotA Sunday in AugustA Sunday in August Cabernet Merlot 2018

It was a total coincidence that I brought along a bottle of A Sunday in August’s Cabernet Merlot on an actual Sunday in August to a 60th birthday party I attended on the weekend. And that’s all anyone kept remarking on as I passed the bottle around, in between slices of birthday cake. The weird coincidence made it seem like I had put a lot of thought to my contribution to the party’s beverage selection—for which credit, I’ll definitely take. But the truth is, I just like A Sunday in August, and thought everyone might like it too. They make natural wine, which I’ve been trying to try more of lately, and every time I buy a bottle of anything from them, I’m never disappointed. Including this time. The Cabernet Merlot is bright and a little bit spicy, and goes well with birthday cake (and most red meat, apparently). I’ll definitely be trying whatever they come out with next, as well as continue to wow people in the future by basing the name of beverage I bring with the date the event is on. —Shelley Mason, editorial intern