We're pretty thrilled that Chef Angus An, one of Vancouver’s most influential chef-restaurateurs, has come on board to judge our Food category at this year's second annual Made in Vancouver Awards.

Chef Angus has six restaurants and eateries comprising his restaurant family: Fat Mao Noodles, Freebird Chicken Shack, Longtail Kitchen, Maenam, Popina Canteen, and Sen Pad Thai—and his flagship restaurant, Maenam, was named our 2016 Restaurant of the Year.

A flavour-driven chef, Angus’s cuisine is rooted in technique; his combined fine-arts and French culinary training allow him to see cooking as a balance of art and science, resulting in recipes built on tradition, innovation and presentation.

Chef Angus shared some insight into what he loves in our fair city.

Your go-to cocktail


Favourite run at Whistler

Not a run, but i like anything on Symphony Express


Perfect Vancouver spot

Granville island.  


Best place for a drink on a Tuesday night

Campagnolo Upstairs.

Best neighbourhood in the city

Kits—for its proximity to water, and it has a little of everything.


Best restaurant in the city

Kissa Tanto. I love Joël's cooking.

A hidden gem more Vancouverites should know about 

No, it needs to stay a hidden gem!

What’s a perfect treat-yourself day?

Nice morning of mediation and stretches, brunch at Linh Cafe, two-hour afternoon massage.  Walk through the Vancouver Art Gallery; dinner at Cioppino's.

Perfect hangover food?

Rice soup at Freebird Chicken or Fat Mao noodles.

Perfect big night out on the town?

What's a big night? 

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