Folks looking to step up their glasses game can now get frames named after our province’s healthcare leaders. Aya Optical has just released an eyewear capsule with two new styles: the Bonnie and the Dixon. The glasses both feature the artwork of iconic Ojibwe artist Donald Chretien.

bonnie glassesThe Bonnie glasses The Bonnie style ($175) showcases Chretien’s loon. Aya Optical says this is because the loon is “noted as a great listener and proud speaker for others.” It’s a subtle cat-eye frame with a whole lot of personality (and certainly makes a statement from six-plus feet away). The glasses come in three colour combinations: matte black and gold, matte purple and silver and matte blue and silver.

 dixon glassesThe Dixon glasses

The Dixon ($175) features a bear, chosen for the bear clan’s status as “guardians of the downtrodden” and for their knowledge of plants and medicine. The frames are a bold, modern take on a retro style, and are also available in three colours: matte black and gold, matte blue and silver and satin red and black.

Aya Optical is donating $10 from each sale of Bonnie and Dixon glasses to the Pacific Association of First Nations Women (PAFNW) Scholarship fund, and awarding the first scholarship of $2500 in March 2021.