Lago Cerqueira Rosé $6.50

My daughter arrived back from Scotland Tuesday, which means we have to self-isolate for 14 days. I anticipation, I headed to 39th & Cambie to stock up on rosé for my pink-obsessed wife and, to be honest, I was focussed on more pressing matters as I shopped. I was ambling through the Portugal section (ola meu amigo!) when I saw it—a smart looking label, the required pale pink hue... and a price tag of $6.50. For an entire bottle of wine.

I know what you're thinking: you're facing the most uncertain times in recent history and you want to face it with a $6.50 of rosé? And I say to you... have you seen the stock market!? Seriously though, I was skeptical given the price but there were positive factors too: Portugal, for one, is a magician with low priced wines; and the northern Vinho Verde has always made light, zippy wines that are criminally underpriced. Plus, the bottle looked fancy—if it sucked I could pawn it off, easy. So I bought two bottles.

To be honest - it's sort of weird wine. It's sweeter than I'd expect for Vinho Verde, but the alcohol is low (10%), there's some light frizzante (of bubbles) and a hint of acidity. If it was $20, I'd be less charitable, but $6.50? Mateus is $10 for God's sake—that's 35% more! I kid you not—there are only 4 wines in the entire province that are cheaper than it and they're all $6.47 and will very likely cause blindness. Also it weirdly has an 85-point review from Robert Parker (I love that they advertise an 85-point review): This wine has a light cherry color, with a slight fizz that enhances the fruity aromas. In the mouth, it presents fresh, keen and captivating acidity, light semi-sweet flavor, resulting in a pleasant and very versatile vine. You tell 'em Bob!

But here's where it gets weird. According to the BCLDB, Lago doesn't exist. I went on the site and even though there were plenty of bottles on the shelf, a search for Lago doesn't bring it up. A search for Portuguese rosé doesn't bring it up. It's like it doesn't exist. I briefly wondered if I had fallen through some wormhole and cursed myself for wasting the opportunity on cheap rosé.

But I know it does. And while I can't capitalize on it—you can! Gather ye slightly confected rosebuds free people.