Once in a while we like to throw a Public Service Announcement out there to keep everyone on the up and up. We’re not going to weigh in on the pros and cons of the Aperol Spritz as a drink (other than to say that as a rule, spritzes are great and that Aperol is maybe the 24th best amaro out there…but just happens to be owned by a massive drinks conglomerate). We’re going to assume you’re fan. So next time you go to a friends house and ask for an Aperol Spritz you should have the courtesy to add the unsaid, but necessary complement phrase: “I’d like you to open an entire bottle of Prosecco for my one cocktail.” If you feel comfortable saying that then fill your boots with bubbles, you selfish s.o.b.

There is another option, however. It turns out the spritz is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the canned cocktail resurgence of late, with the locally produced Bitterhouse Spritz being the best among them. For starters they actually make their own Amaros (Ladam, the orange one used here, but also the rhubarb-heavy Rubato and the grapefruit and pomelo influenced Daman), so while they can’t use the Aperol moniker, that's not a huge loss there. But make no mistake, this low alcohol orange-hued little number will satisfy your big A craving…without making you the worst house guest ever.