Each week it seems like there's another reminder that we're slowly getting back into the swing of the way things used to be before the pandemic, but this one is special for us. VanMag has been a sponsor of Whisky and Words since the very first incarnation and we couldn't be happier to see it back this year.

Obviously we're longtime fans of the Vancouver Writers Fest and all the amazing work they do for culture in this city, and we were super impressed with how they managed the pandemic. While we can't wait for the in-person events to return, they did have a number of pretty cool Zoom events in the past year (including a conversation with Ethan Hawke from last summer that you can listen to here).


But as much as we love the Writers Fest, it was actually the whisky that drew us to this fundraiser. As whisky tasting became more popular, the marquis events just grew and grew, and many of us became fed up endlessly waiting in line for small samples. We long for the old days when a festival allowed for real educational and social interaction with the brand ambassadors and distillers.

And that's when we fell in love with Whisky & Words: small venue on Granville Island, manageable crowds and an ability to dive deep with those pouring the spirits. Win, win, win.


So we're elated that they're back in person with this year on Friday, April 22nd. They have a perfect mix of the icons (Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Glenmorangie, Octamore, Kilchoman) with the local whisky heroes (Odd Society, Arbutus Distillery) plus a compliment of Irish, Japanese and American whiskies to round out you palate.

In addition to the main tasting, Glenmorangie's Bryan Simpson will be leading a masterclass beforehand at Sandbar, where he'll dive deep into five expressions for the legendary distillery's current range. Tickets and details for the main event are here and tickets for the masterclass are here. And as always, once you've bought a ticket and supported the Writers Fest (with a tax receipt to boot), there's no further expenditures. No tokens, no upgrades - just unleash that glass and get tasting.