It seems like Great Northern Way is one of the more coveted spots for Vancouver developers right now.

In direct proximity to a college (VCC), a skytrain station, Main Street and downtown, the small strip that recently welcomed a second college (Emily Carr) is becoming a hub for all things gentrified.

Chip Wilson’s Low Tide Properties, in particular, has taken a shining to the area, renovating and erecting several buildings on the strip, including an in-development Nemesis Coffee inside a giant red flower, for some reason.

Much of the branding in the neighbourhood has focused on calling it the “South Flatz.” Yep, with a Z.

And so we can’t say we were terribly heartbroken when it appeared that someone decided to correct this grammatical choice.


Yes, all the Zs, even the small ones, have been marked out. Someone, it seems, is calling bullshit on Low Tide’s attempt at naked gentrification. Even in an area (adjacent to Main that is) that has seen all of the millennial-targeted branding that it can possible handle, this sticks out like a sore thumb.

Or, maybe, the rest of the city should take some cues from our friends in the Flatz. Personally, we can’t wait for the Vancouver CanuckZ to start the season! Hey, there’s a cool exhibit at Zcience World tonight, anyone down? How about we go for a walk in Queen EliZabeth Pa... OK fine that already has one.

Maybe, just maybe, South Flatz barges into the Vancouver neighbourhood lexicon like Fraserhood and LoLo. But here’s hoping we, as Vancouverites, have a shred of rezpectability left for our city.