Credit: Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Fall in love with yourself at a wellness retreat at beautiful Lake Louise.

Pamper yourself in pure energy and self-discovery

As you revel with those closest in memory-making and laughter this season, never forget your greatest love—yourself. This is your opportunity to reflect on what makes you incredible and the perfect time to commit to giving yourself the ultimate gift of self-care.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, situated on the shores of a glacial lake in the heart of Banff National Park, is a place of discovery and healing. Its world-class, immersive wellness retreats elevate self-discovery and rejuvenate the spirit, providing visitors with the tools to rewrite their stories and live their brightest, most authentic lives.

Wellness retreats are offered in the spring and fall each year and glean natural energy from the seasons. The crisp mornings and fresh mountain air of spring are the perfect backdrop for the spirit of hope and promise, and for committing to renewal and rebirth. Visiting Lake Louise in spring reminds us that change requires us to be gentle and patient with ourselves.

Remember who you truly are with Shannon Kaiser in her spring retreat, Discover Your True Self - And Live The Life You Were Made For. This all-inclusive retreat inspires a refreshing perspective on how to bulldoze barriers blocking next-level aspirations and step into a more peaceful, awe-inspired, confident way of being. Shannon has travelled the world in search of the universal truths and spiritual wisdom we desperately need today. This program is her transformational approach to life, drawn from her own life-changing experiences.

Eat! Pray! Live! Elizabeth Trinkaus delights in watching miracles unfold through these immersive and deeply personal transformational tools designed to help you heal old stories, write new ones, and design the live and love you deserve. Enjoy gourmet food and drink and discover your inspired story while choosing positive messages to fuel your journey. Learn how to go within and commune with nature and the universe so you can truly hear your wisdom and align with your intuition. You will leave prepared to live each day with more certainty that you are enough, more kindness with your self-talk, and more energy to live your very brightest life.

If you have been searching for a way to live your best life, if you want more from life, if you are tired of settling for a life that doesn’t excite you and if you are ready for transformation, then these retreats are the key to opening the next chapter in your life.

Get a jump start on the new you for the new year and book a retreat now. Elevate self-discovery and rejuvenate the spirit with an immersive adventure into transformative energy and self-love among the sparkle and mystery of Lake Louise.

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