asdasdaAll Season Stout from Container Brewing, $16/4-pack

This nitro dry stout from East Van newbie Container Brewing is a perfect companion to the random Vancouver weather we always get in what’s ostensibly spring (and yeah, it's supposed to rain next week, of course). The cans are upside-down for a reason: you’ll want to shake the bejesus out of it until you stop hearing the rattle-like sound. Then pour hard into a glass and enjoy a creamy (but never heavy) stout that truly delights and shockingly lives up to its oxymoronic name.—Nathan Caddell

hhhhhhhhhVolcan de Mi Tierra Cristalino, $75

It’s odd to think of vanilla when you think of tequila, but añejo tequila sees time in oak barrels, which imparts just that type of sweetness. It’s front and centre in the new Volcan de Mi Tierra Cristalino, the new high-end brand from LVMH. Think caramel and chocolate tempered with roasted agave and black pepper notes. Actually, a pretty solid pairing with a jelly doughnut. Neal McLennan

gggggBernheim Original Wheat Whiskey, $60

Rye may get all the glory for its spicy, in-your-face personality, but are you aware of the key ingredient in the I’ll-do-anything-to-get-my-hands-on-a-bottle phenom that is Pappy Van Winkle? Wheat. Mellow, easy-to-get-along-with wheat. And with no Pappy in sight for the foreseeable millennium, may we then introduce you to another Kentucky import that works wonders with our national grain? It’s a an exercise in smoothness, with vanilla and syrup easing into a warm bread experience.—N.M.

gggggTwin Sails Would Crush Raspberry Wheat Ale, $12.83 for a four-pack

Much of the fruit beer you’ll have these days is in the form of a sour or a gose, but this long-time standout from Twin Sails holds up. Eminently sessionable while retaining an abundance of flavour, it’s the rare wheat beer that feels suitable for all the seasons. And for a fruited beverage, it doesn’t overwhelm one with sweetness. There’s a reason Twin Sails is one of the more respected brewers in the game today, and this 2019 release shows why: it’s the perfect example of a “trendy” beer that doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of quality.—N.C.