The Super Bowl is an event that transcends sports. Scores of people who couldn’t name a single player on three-quarters of the NFL’s teams will crowd around a massive TV and at least feign interest for three-and-a-half hours. 

The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers in this weekend’s game, and it promises to be a close one, with the Chiefs only favoured by one point. Plus, the halftime show will feature performances from the likes of J-Lo and Shakira Shakira (company policy dictates that we have to write her name twice, like in the song).  

But you know what they say: it’s all the more enjoyable when you’re getting smackered.

Two of our editors (the only ones who care about the contest) give out their drink picks from each of the cities in question to enjoy alongside your KC BBQ and Dungeness Crab (apparently that’s what San Francisco is famous for? I dunno). 

Kansas City

Finding a drink or beer (I gave up on wine early on) from KC—not an easy task. I initially thought about Bud or something from Anheuser-Busch but a quick Google search showed that it’s from rival town of St. Louis, a faux pas equivalent of thinking Wayne Gretzky played for the Calgary Flames.

Like every other large city, they have dozens of craft breweries and quite a few craft distillers (including J. Rieger & Co. which has been getting some national attention of late), but none of that is available up here so it was back to the drawing board. And a search for a civic drink (San Fran has the Irish Coffee, the Martinez and scores of others) yielded this—perhaps the trashiest mixed drink I’ve come across in a long while.

I should probably admit now that I’m cheering for the 49ers. I’m a Broncos fan by nature, so I don’t exactly hate the Chiefs as much as feel sorry for them. So broadcasting this drink – something 13 year-olds would down in their parents garage before prom — is not an act of spite, but desperation. Maybe if the Chiefs eke out a win they can finally have something worth celebrating, and create a drink for such an occasion. But don’t hold your breath (except when you down this travesty of a cocktail). —Food editor Neal McLennan

NFLBarina Craft

Kansas City Ice Water

Sprite (Lime La Croix if you’re fancy?)
1 oz gin
1 oz vodka
1/2 oz of lime juice (fresh seems at odds with this drink frankly)

Pour gin, vodka and lime juice over ice in a highball glass. Fill with Sprite, and serve.

San Francisco

Anchor Brewing started operations in 1896 in San Francisco, the same year that the original Stanley Park Brewery opened its doors in our fair city.

(Other things that happened that year include Vancouver council setting a limit of 25 cows per owner and Burnaby hiring its first law enforcer, at $2 a day. He was reportedly dismissed six months later due to lack of funds.)

But one of those breweries ended up having a profound impact on the city it served (you can probably guess which one). Anchor Brewing is still around today and is regarded as the pioneer of a certain type of beer, now known as the California Common or steam beer (though Anchor smartly trademarked steam beer).

An amber lager with a good amount of hops, California Commons aren’t for everyone, but they do provide a nice kick to the classic lager.

In the Vancouver market, the California Common is really dominated by one name: 33 Acres. Its 33 Acres of Life ($12.29 at the BCL) is a refreshing beer with a pretty intense bite followed by a decently clean finish. In other words, you won’t get bored of it while yelling at the TV. Which is all you really want in a Super Bowl drink anyway, right?


You could also get Anchor Steam beer too, if you wanted, given its wide distribution. But hey, you’re already watching American TV, featuring an American league and two American teams; why not support some Canadian content? —Associate editor Nathan Caddell