Hot Stove Society in the Hotel Ändra will send you home with a few tricks up your sleeve

  For anyone semi-aware of Seattle’s culinary scene, the name Tom Douglas will ring a bell. The completely self-trained chef and restauranteur has 19 eateries scattered throughout the Seattle area, affording him the status of unofficial restaurant royalty in the Pacific Northwest. But instead of visiting the seaside city to eat his food (although we would definitely suggest that too), Hotel Ändra invites you to take a bit of his cooking expertise home with you. The stylish boutique hotel is host to Hot Stove Society, the first Tom Douglas cooking school. Recognizing that its culinary accomplishments draw countless guests to Seattle each year, Hotel Ändra owner Craig Schafer decided that an on-site cooking school just made sense. The Hotel Ändra location may be the company’s first official cooking school location, but it isn’t his team’s first time teaching. Douglas and his staff ran culinary summer camps for seven years and have offered cooking classes at the Tom Douglas Restaurants for the past twenty. Their goal is to help anyone with a desire for culinary self-improvement, no matter how basic or advanced that may be. The school is run by Bridget Charters, an established Chef Instructor who comes from 17 years of experience at the Art Institute—although Hot Stove Society draws on the entire restaurant staff including Executive Chef Eric Tanaka and Tom himself. Mere minutes from such iconic Seattle staples as Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, Hotel Ändra and Hot Stove Society invite you not only for a taste of the city’s beloved culture, but for the chance to learn how you can replicate it at home. And as if it weren’t appealing enough already, the boutique hotel is extending a 15% discount to Canadian citizens with their Northern Neighbour package. The special offer also includes $10 off overnight parking, Macy’s shopping pass and complimentary upgrade, making your culinary escape to Seattle easier than ever.