New Canadian eye cream line manufactured on W. Hastings.

Look deep in to our eyes...but please for the love of skin care don't mention dark circles or puffiness. Ageing eyes are an issue of the past; so says new W. Hastings'-based (yes, really) eye cream company Adorlée. Though they have been in the cosmetics industry for 25 years, the decision to shift from distributor to developer has quickly made a name for the eye serum specialists (word on the street is their youth-preserving creams are being picked up by big department-store names on both sides of the border). Manufactured right in the downtown core, the Youth Reviving Eye Cream and the Youth Preserving Eye Cream use a combination of scientific and natural ingredients like caprylic (extracted from coconut oil), ginseng, aloe vera, white tea, and hyaluronic acid. They say never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth. With an aroma equal to the smoothest Greek yoghurt on the market, we could be tempted to test this theory out.   Adorlée Selected drug marts late Spring to early Summer