Pink is still the new Black.

Let’s just think about pink wine for a moment. Our thirst for rosé seems to be insatiable: global consumption has risen by a whopping 20 percent since 2002. It’s wine’s fastest growing segment comprising almost 10 percent of all still wine made today. Looks like we’ve locked on to rosé’s secret (and clearly enduring) weapon: versatility. Rosé spans the style spectrum from fizzy to bone crunchingly dry, boldly fruity or slightly tannic, adapting to a serious dinner, a sunny patio or fireside sipping. Just do the sensible thing and accept that there is not a date on the calendar when it stops being fun to drink rosé. B.C. rosés in my fridge: Bench 1775 Glow, Emandare, Little Engine, Poplar Grove, Haywire, Sea Star, Moraine.