The inside scoop on where to grab a quick bite from five people who know their stuff: the sous chefs at the city's best restaurants.

Ciaran Chung, sous chef at L’Abattoir

  Annys (Photo: Anny's)   Anny’s Dairy Bar 722 6th St., New Westminster I go for the legit casse-croûte-style menu. Québécois staples: two steamies (steamed hot dogs), fries, drink—$6.95.  

Mike Tuangkitkun, chef de cuisine at Maenam

  Screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-16-13-pm (Photo: T&T Supermarkets)   Osaka Supermarket 2200 Park Royal S., West Vancouver There is a variety of other good, quick eats in this Chinese grocery store, but the made-to-order sticky rice rolls are cheap ($3.49), quick, filling and make the perfect grab-and-go meal. You can choose what type of rice you want (white sticky, purple sticky or half and half) and then choose up to four fillings (pig ears, seaweed, spicy jellyfish, preserved vegetables, marinated mushrooms, pork floss, soy egg, Taiwanese sausage, Chinese donut, et cetera).  

Allegra Jimenez Flores, chef de partie at Mamie Taylor’s

  Pupusas (Photo: El Pulgarcito)   El Pulgarcito 2522 E Hastings St. The pupusas revueltas ($5.50) in this little restaurant are delicious and cheap; they’re really great when in need of some comfort food.  

Jian Hui Cheng sous chef at Osteria Savio Volpe

  Screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-2-19-17-pm (Photo: Zomato)   Guangdong Flavor 2430-8260 Westminster Highway, Richmond Individual clay pot rice. My favourite is the one with Chinese sausage, bok choy and poached egg—it’s less than $5 per clay pot and it’s made to order.  

Michael Paolino, sous chef, Chambar Restaurant

  Damso (Photo: Damso)   Damso Korean Restaurant 867 Denman St. The Korean tacos at Damso are only $2.50 each and they’re delicious—and it’s open late enough that our team can go after service.

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