A diverse collection of wines boosted in sweetness or alcohol. Fortifieds flatter savoury foods like strong cheeses or nuts, while sweet wines uplift desserts such as lemon tarts or chocolate truffles.

Dess-cockburnCATEGORY WINNER: Cockburn’s Special Reserve Portugal $19.99 +63180 Celebrating 200 years of production, Cockburn’s (say Coe-burn’s) is now part of the prestigious Symington family of ports. First created in 1969, it quickly became the world’s leading reserve ruby port. High-quality wines are burnished for years in oak casks, fashioning a mellow, spicy ruby port for stilton cheese or chocolate truffles. Dess-framboiseElephant Island Framboise 2014 Canada $18.99 +734277 Tangy raspberry flavour for ice cream or chocolate pairing Dess-whistlerWhistler Viognier Icewine 2014 Canada $55.00 +587410 Jasmine perfume, apricot flavours, and silken texture Dess-cedarCedarCreek Estate Platinum Riesling Icewine 2014 Canada $52.99 +50559 Exotic citrus flavours and unctuous body; try with foie gras Dess-pillPillitteri Estates Vidal Icewine 2013 Canada $19.99 +401448 Tropical passion fruit and candy-floss richness for a great price Dess-innisInniskillin Okanagan Riesling Icewine 2013 Canada $52.19 +983593 Green apples, honey, and limey acidity equals dessert in a glass << BACK TO CATEGORIES