Combining the structure of red and the refreshment of white, pink wines are for 360 pleasure. Try with Niçoise salad or steamed mussels.

Rose-nagesCATEGORY WINNER: Château de Nages ButiNages Rosé 2014 France $18.99 +62257 Rosé futures are way up these days, as more and more wine lovers enjoy them year-round. Syrah and grenache from stony vineyards in the southern Rhône Valley blend into a pomegranate-hued, savoury rosé. You’ll find wild strawberry and herbal notes, with fresh acidity, a grippy texture, and a dry finish for charcuterie or sausage stew.   Rose-tinhorncreedTinhorn Creek Oldfield Series Rosé 2014 Canada $19.99 +176750 Cabernet franc gives this rosé heft, structure, and a herbal punch Rose-kismetKismet Estate Infinity Rosé 2014 Canada $15.99 +481333 Appetizing, full-flavoured rosé for spicy cuisine Rose-stoneboatStoneboat Faux Pas Rosé 2014 Canada $18.90 +422113 Expressive dry rosé gets a shot of pinotage for extra stuffing Rose-haywireHaywire Gamay Noir Rosé 2014 Canada $22.90 +687103 Light, crisp, bone-dry rosé from juicy gamay is an Okanagan classic Rose-narrativeOkanagan Crush Pad Narrative Rosé 2014 Canada $18.90 +561464 Lip-smacking raspberry-flavoured rosé for a steal << BACK TO CATEGORIES