As versatile as wine, sake can be deployed far beyond the Asian kitchen. Try nigori with prosciutto and melon, or refined junmai ginjo with smoked salmon and capers.

Sake-gCATEGORY WINNER: SakéOne G Joy Genshu Junmai Ginjo USA $17.39 +6006 Sake: is it beer or wine? Actually, it’s both brewed and fermented, but that doesn’t matter. The truth is that sake is brilliant with food—Asian and Western. Sake comes in an array of styles and weights, and our judges loved the balance and hefty flavour of this bold and smartly packaged rice wine. Hand-crafted in Oregon using ancient Japanese techniques and premium American rice, it’s a perfect fusion of East and West, like our city. Sake-momoSakéOne Momokawa Pearl Junmai Ginjo Nigori Genshu USA $21.99 +586958 Snow-white, rich, and creamy nigori is unfiltered sake Sake-gokaYoshinogawa Gokujo Ginjo Premium Sake Japan $15.69 +7351 Brewing since 1548 in Niigata Prefecture, this is a refined fennel-flavoured sake Sake-greenGekkeikan Horin Ultra Premium Junmai Daiginjo Sake Japan $17.39 +603837 A top-of-the-line sake from California-based Gekkeikan << BACK TO CATEGORIES