The Montreal-based retailer, which produces a range of affordable prescription frames, makes its mark in B.C. with two brick-and-mortar outposts.

If you possess anything less than 20/20 vision, you’re likely familiar with Warby Parker, the Philadelphia-based online (and now omnichannel) specs retailer that was dubbed the “Netflix of eyewear” when it debuted in 2010 thanks to its disruptive direct-to-consumer model that offered prescription frames and lenses in a neat, one-affordable-price-for-all package. Due to the U.S. somehow managing to outshine everything we humble folks are doing up north, however, you may be slightly less familiar with BonLook: the Montreal-based counterpart of Warby that’s been serving up a selection of stylish (and inexpensive) in-house-designed glasses for men and women since 2011. I ironically discovered the brand through a pair of American YouTubers a few years ago—perhaps furthering my first point—and it’s since played a significant role in helping me to expand my eye-drobe (wardrobe, but for the windows to the soul). Mostly because I realized I didn’t have to be paying upwards of $500 for designer frames every time I inevitably failed to make out another sequence of letters on a Snellen chart. IMG_4026-1024x576.jpg Now, you too can get acquainted with BonLook at two recently launched brick-and-mortar locations in Metro Vancouver: one at Guildford Town Centre and the other at Pacific Centre. The bright, copper-accented spaces carry BonLook’s full range of men’s and women’s glasses and sunglasses, which run the gamut from ombré cat-eyes to vintage-inspired wire rims to translucent blush-pink frames co-designed by Canuck celebs like Tessa Virtue—all starting at $145. The frames come available sans prescription, too, in the case that you’re visually blessed enough to be just in it for the lewk. BonLook’s B.C. openings are part of a West Coast expansion that’s seen the omnichannel label launch outposts in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg since November. It operates more than 20 stores in Quebec and Ontario. Check out a few of our top picks from BonLook below before you visit the store IRL. James_Goldtone_45-1024x452.jpg BonLook women's James eyeglasses, $175 Legacy_Midnight_Front2-1024x452.jpg BonLook men's Legacy eyeglasses, $145 Poppy_Ferris_45-1024x452.jpg BonLook women's Poppy sunglasses, $145 London_Blush_Front-1024x452.jpg BonLook women's London eyeglasses, $145 Swell_AntiqueTort_45-1024x452.jpg BonLook men's Swell eyeglasses, $145