Starting October 1, the Downlow Chicken Shack starts its weekly quest to grab the best burger in the city crown.

We've been nursing a minor obsession since Doug Stephen and Lindsay Mann opened the Downlow Chicken Shack earlier this year on Commercial. The couple took the mantra "Do one thing and do it well" to heart as they created a minor temple to the regional treasure that is Nashville hot fried chicken. And as great as the chicken is, it's the$12  sandwich, featuring a a hulking piece of white meat (sourced from Two Rivers) so huge that it easily can feed two. For $12. So when we heard whispers that they might be expanding into burgers we were both excited and frightened. What about that one thing mantra? We stopped by for a quick preview yesterday and lets just say out fears were wildly misplaced. Here's what we can tell you:

  1. Burger service will commence October 1;
  2. It will be Monday only (no chicken at all on Mondays, no burgers the other 6 days);
  3. The burgers will be made with special dry-aged beef grind from Two Rivers using an approximately 70/30 protein/fat ratio;
  4. The fresh baked milk buns from Livia Sweets, which also makes the potato buns chicken sandwich;
  5. There four core burgers, with weekly burger specials. The Merch Burger with Merch sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, house pickles, and cheddar; The Fat Boy with Coney Island-style chili, cheddar cheese, mustard, mayo, onions house pickles, and lettuce; The All American with a special sauce, lettuce, cheddar, onions, and house pickles; and The Not in Kansas with house-bourbon BBQ sauce, crispy onions, Backyard Slaw, cheddar, charred jalapeño mayo, house pickles, and pickled red onions.
  6. Prices have not been 100% finalized but  targeting prices in the $9 range for a single 3.5 oz patty or $13 for a 7 oz patty. The 7 oz patty is approximately double what other well-regarded burgers are in the city so if they can deliver on that—then watch out.
  7. There will thyme dusted fries available. They're very tasty.
  8. There will be onion rings that will be made with cold-smoked onions. They're hands down the best onion rings in the city—and they will be in the $3 range.
IMG_1989-e1536714828560.jpg The Best Onion Rings in Town We tried the All American in 7 oz, which is a riff on a Big Mac. If this burger is what they'll be serving come October then it's a deadly serious challenger for the best burger in town. If it's $13 it will definitely be the best value best burger in town. Until then just look at these pic, do a lot of anticipatory yoga and be prepared to embrace "Do two things and do them well" as your new credo. IMG_1997-e1536714927901.jpgIMG_1990-e1536715022827.jpg