Is there anything Uniqlo can’t do?

Buy Now or Cry Later is a bi-weekly(ish) feature that recommends the newest, coolest and best fashion, beauty and home finds in our fair city. Heed our advice and buy now—or risk a stream of tears later if and when an item sells out.  When it comes to spending, being a woman sucks. Not only are women’s apparel, beauty and wellness goods priced more than their male-marketed counterparts (uh, what’s up with that?), but we’re typically the ones shelling out for birth control, tampons and, yes, frilly, expensive underthings that are supposed to keep our chests in check. Sure, brands like Victoria’s Secret and Aerie produce some relatively affordable options, but finding one that offers substantial support, looks decent, won’t deteriorate after two delicate-cycle washes in a laundry bag (I try to hand-wash, but I’m only human, okay?) and rings in at under 50 bucks is essentially like hunting for a unicorn. So imagine my delight when I discovered that Uniqlo’s recently updated Wireless Beauty Light bra ticks all these boxes. First thing’s first, the undergarment is priced at a very reasonable $30 and features a smooth, seamless design—sans, and I can’t stress this enough, underwire—that comfortably hugs and supports your chest without any awkward gaping. There’s minimal padding (très appreciated by someone like me, who does not need the extra fill), the cups keep their shape thanks to a supposedly 3D structure that molds to your body and the plunging V-line is very, very flattering. There are even Supima-cotton options, as opposed to lace or nylon, for those with sensitive skin. Now, I know what works for one woman’s body can be entirely wrong for another when it comes to the mystifying world of bras, bralettes and fancy underthings, but I’ve fallen in love enough with the Wireless Beauty Light to encourage everyone I know with boobs to give it go. I found the bra fit true to size, but opt for trying in-store to find your best size. Plus, you can also check out the Relaxed Beauty Light, a full-coverage sports bra–like version of the Wireless with the same super-comfy fit.

Uniqlo Wireless Beauty Light Bra, $29.90

Available at Uniqlo (various locations) and online.