2 Fun Things Vancouverites Can Do That Also Make a Difference in a Post-Trump World

Because we’ve got to do something with this lump of dread in our stomachs.

Everyone’s experiencing their own stages of grief in this post-election world. For us, day one involved having a little cry at our desks every 20 minutes; day two so far has been about searching frantically for some way, any way, to feel like we’re combatting this no-good, very-bad news. Day three presumably will involve some binge-eating.But! Back to today, day two, where we have already spotted not one but two ways to make even a tiny difference, with hopefully more options to come from other grieving, angry, tearful, hopeful Vancouverites who are marching forward, day by day.

 Sunday Service Presents: Barf

November 13. Improv institution The Sunday Service takes their usual spot on the stage Sunday night, but this time with a portion of ticket sales going to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. This will be a great test to see if we can actually ever laugh again.

14947420_1166054323444478_3954815127911586827_nLove Trumps Hate: A Benefit to Help Fight Facism and Hatred in America

November 17. Hit up the Fox Cabaret next week for a Thursday night dance party, with 100% of ticket proceeds benefiting organizations like Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter. (Plus, shaking it out releases endorphins, and we could all use a little boost.)

Do you know of any more events happening to benefit great organizations that will need help soon? Let us know in the comments!