4 Videos, Apropos Of Nothing, That Will Make You Laugh

If you’re like us, you need an hourly antidote to the daily wave of difficult information that hits us daily. So we polled our editorial team—no strangers to slacking even in the good old days—to come up with one video that cracks them up, regardless of how bad things are. Here goes.

A Singing Perp Line-Up

Confession: I’ve never seen Brooklyn 99 and I’m not a fan of the Backstreet Boys, but together? Gold.—Neal McLennan

A Dancing Inflatable Banana (Warning: VERY SOPHISTICATED CONTENT)

I consider myself an experienced arbitrator of the comedic arts. I have produced and performed in hundreds of comedy shows and spent, at this point, thousands of dollars on improv classes (oh god, this just got real). But despite the hours and money I’ve dedicated in pursuit of the perfect joke, nothing makes me laugh more than someone dancing in a mascot suit. (Unless, of course, it’s someone who was pulled up to the rafters in a mascot suit for a dramatic entrance but then passed out inside of the mascot suit because of the air pressure and had to be lowered somberly from the ceiling; I have not googled if “Rocky” is okay because I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for how hard I laughed if he isn’t). What I’m trying to say is: no virus can infect the joy I get from some minimum wage worker just giving their all inside of a novelty plush casing. Certified comedy gold. —Stacey McLachlan, executive editor

A Puppy Playing the Air Drums

Okay, I’ll say it: RIP Vine. At least there are a few gems that have been carefully archived on Youtube, including this absolute gem of a 14 second video. It gets better every single time you watch it (I recommend watching it at least 10 times over). Also, even in these difficult times, who doesn’t have 14 seconds to spare? —Alyssa Hirose, contributing editor

A Toddler Shovelling Snow

Remember when massive blizzards were our biggest worry? I honestly revisit this video All. The. Time. Particularly when I feel like face-planting on my desk. —Anicka Quin, editorial director