Alexis Lynn’s Latest Single “Bubble” Isn’t About the Pandemic, But It Could Be

When it comes to music, Indigenous singer-songwriter Alexis Lynn knows how valuable it is to be vulnerable. “If you’re not personal in your music, people won’t be able to relate to it or latch on to it,” she says. She wrote her newest song, “Bubble,” about her current relationship. “The song is about how scary it can be letting someone into your world,” the Surrey local shares.

Those feelings of apprehension are relatable always—but Lynn had no idea just how relatable they would become when she wrote the lyrics last year. “Bubble” came out just a few weeks ago, and though it’s not about the COVID-19 bubbles we’re currently buzzing about, it’s easy to draw those parallels. “Sometimes you write songs and they are relevant to your life at the time, and then they just become more relevant in different ways,” Lynn laughs. “It’s funny how that happens.”

The singer says that since the release, lots of fans have commented on how accurate the song feels in the context of the pandemic. “We’re in our own bubbles in a different way, but there’s the same protectiveness there,” says Lynn. No doubt the virus has certainly complicated the dating world (is there a flirty way to ask “Are you or anyone in your household exhibiting signs of COVID-19?”), especially in a city notoriously insular. Physical bubbles aside, Lynn’s newest single is really about those emotional bubbles—and how you’ve gotta pop ‘em.  “We all have similar experiences, no matter how different we are,” she says, “and you have to be vulnerable to get that across to people.”

Lynn’s been performing at online festivals and live at small, distanced events at the Trading Post in Langley, where she expects to be appearing again soon. She has another single coming out this Friday, called “Ghost.” No, it’s not about Halloween—her serendipitous timeliness strikes again.