Bob Rennie’s Moving Out (and Donating $7.8 Million) for New Chinese Canadian Museum in Chinatown’s Oldest Building

In a press conference on February 11, Bob Rennie announced that the Wing Sang building (currently home to Rennie’s corporate headquarters and the Rennie museum) will transition to housing the new Chinese Canadian Museum, the first of it’s kind in the country. And to get started, he’s donating $7.8 million dollars.

Via a media release, Rennie said “We are honoured and excited to have Vancouver Chinatown’s oldest structure now celebrated as home to the Chinese Canadian Museum for all Canadians to experience this piece of history and the journey of Chinese Canadians.”

The $7.8 million dollar “leadership gift” is meant to “ensure the Chinese Canadian Museum is sustainable in its mission,” according to Rennie.

The 133-year-old Wing Sang building is located at 51 East Pender Street, right in the heart of Chinatown. The new Chinese Canadian Museum will be neighbours with the recently launched Chinatown Storytelling Centre, which opened last November.

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